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Aspects To Put In Mind Before Building A Koi Fish Pond The word Koi is Japanese meaning a gray full fish By discussing the major factors to look into before building a Koi fish pond, I have outlined important tips on how to construct your fish pond. Hopefully, these will enable you to kick off with the process. Notably, the larger the pond, the healthier. The pond ought to be at most four feet profound. This is because the koi fish can grow up to three to four feet and each of it requires at least two gallons of water. A larger pond means a relaxed and a better fish. It also enables the fish to move freely. over and above, Koi fish brings into being a lot of eggs and therefore your required to have a bigger space except if you are planning to construct an additional pond in case the pond becomes overcrowded.
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This stage of planning your pond design is fundamental. It is essential to note that, these ponds are permanent. You should take time to choose what you would appreciate better. You may also want to consult a fish pond expert to help in design suggestions. There are a number of varieties that you can select from based on your taste and surroundings; You can be able to either select the garden pond, or you can procure rocks, plants, water plants like water lilies, waterfalls and still fountains despite the fact that all these have to be thought through at the design phase. In This case, the location issue, for the most part, emphasizes on the exposure of the pond to the sun; too much sun contact amplifies the temperature of water which is not favorable for the koi fish. It is therefore important to choose a location where there is a steady shade to maintain the water temperature of your fish pond. The sanitation of the fishpond is interrelated to the health status of your fish. Koi pond filters is important for the cleanliness of your pond. There are two form of filters, organic and automatic. Natural filtration is necessary for removing toxic waste like chemicals from Koi fish waste and uneaten fish food, lack of it may cause a rise in ammonia height In water and finally kill the fish. Mechanical filtration enables the eradication of concrete materials like litter, insects, among others. Aeration is very important in the maintenance of your pond. Airing is required for provision of the right amount of oxygen for your Koi fish. It also assists to avert algae from growing. Finally, you will note that initial planning and design of the pond leads to a productive fish pond. “