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How to Take Care Of Your Lawn During Summer. It is always difficult to take care of lawns during summer more is the temperatures are too high. The high temperatures can make your lawn to start losing it beauty because of drying of grass. Therefore, to maintain the beauty of your gardens you need to invest more in it regarding time and energy. Your lawn will require more of your attention during summer, and you should also practice better lawn care methods. There exist several tips that can guide you while taking care of your so that summer ends when your backyard looks green and beautiful. Here are some of the lawn care techniques that you should employ in during hot temperatures. The amount of moisture in the air is decreases as the temperature rises, and therefore the humidity will be low during summer. The roots of the leaves will also be able to access moisture in the soil since it will be lost to the atmosphere through evaporation. The absence of water causes drying of the turf, and hence you begin manual watering. The water level in the ground also drops to a level that it might not be reached by the roots. Correct watering before the onset of summer will result in development of deep roots that can reach the low water levels. Deep roots will ensure that they will still be able to access water as the level on the ground drops. You should avoid application of fertilizers during summer. The fertilizer application should be made before summer so that the high temperatures finds the law in a healthy condition. Chances of fertilizers being absorbed by the turf are also small since there will be no water for dissolution in the ground for easy uptake by the roots. Therefore, the lawn should be at its peak of health before the heat arrives.
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The primary reason for deterioration of condition of the lawn is the absence of moisture in the soil. The effects can be alleviated by appropriate watering and moisture retention. Reduced evaporation retains moisture in the soil while deep roots allows continuous uptake of water even if the level in the ground drops. The best way to reduce the water loss is by increasing your lawn mowing height. The long leaves will provide shade to the ground thereby reducing evaporation rate. The moisture can also be retained through the process of mulching.
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Incorrect application of the pest and weed control treatment during summer can also damage the lawns. In case it is a must you use the treatment chemicals during summer, you should hire an expert to do it on your behalf. The best time to apply the treatments alone is before the onset of the hot temperatures.