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Basics of Electrical Safety

It is imperative to know proper electrical safety, of course for some safety reasons. Not doing so can cause shocks, burns or on worst case scenario, be electrocuted that may lead to one’s death. All this is attributed to failing not to have training and education on electrical safety. Having said that, when you are working with or around electricity, it is integral that you make yourself aware of it even on the basics.

Fault in wires are common causes of electrical related problems on a job site. With this, it is essential that you or anyone working in the premises know how to properly use power tools because not doing so can damage the equipment actually. Power tools must not be picked up by its cords as it may weaken the wires which can fray eventually. You can avoid shocks on these power tools simply by checking it for any cracks or damages on a regular basis.

It is integral that the extension cords are being rated for the power voltage used if ever you have to use extensions on the job site. As a matter of fact, plugging a power tool to an extension cord that has higher voltage than what it needs can make it become hot that could then lead to electrical fire. Plugging various power tools to the extension can also have the same result when using higher voltage extension, so you’ve got to apply a bit of caution.

Many self-taught handymen actually think that the third prong on the plugs have no use and it’s fine to take it out. Sa a matter of fact, taking out the ground wire can make it unusable and at the same time, it leaves the worker using the equipment vulnerable to shocks. If a 2-pronged outlet is the only outlet available that you can plug into, then it is wiser to use an adapter instead and be sure that its electrical wires are grounded prior to using it.

In reality, electrical safety guidelines are also followed by various manufacturing companies when producing tools. For this reason, majority of the power tools you’ll find in the market usually have double insulation. Meaning to say, the cord has an extra layer of protection that is shielding electricity away from the person who is using the tool. Some common power tools that are also offering double insulation are drills and nail guns.

By simply following the basic guidelines for electrical safety when working with or around electricity is an integral component on construction sites or even when you are doing DIY electrical repairs at home.

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