The Most Important Elements Of Outdoor BBQ Grills

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Many homeowners are choosing to increase the enjoyment of their exterior spaces by building a kitchen that allows them to cook culinary meals in the great outdoors. Many people in the market for an outdoor kitchen become overwhelmed when choosing between the variety of BBQ grills available, as they are the centerpiece of an outdoor cooking area. Here are a few elements to be sure an outdoor BBQ has to turn it into the perfect place for cooking a wide variety of meats and vegetables.

Fuel Source

The most common fuel source for a BBQ is gas, but rather than being limited, consider purchasing a unit that can also be fueled by charcoal or wood. This will allow the BBQ to serve as both a grill or smoker, and open a cook up to a full array of possibilities. They may be marginally more expensive than a single fuel powered unit but will allow any home chef to cook the perfect meal at any time.

Grate Material

The grates that are used above the fuel source are a critical element, and while aluminum may be an attractive choice, it should be avoided. Cast iron grates are a better option, as they are easier to clean and are not susceptible to rust and other degradation. Cast iron grates also create a better sear surface, which will help to lock in flavor and moisture resulting in more delicious meals.

Easy Cleaning

Once the cooking is over, the hard part begins. A BBQ should be easy to clean, and many models have various pull-out sections that allow for easy removal of cooking debris, which will provide better-flavored food and reduce the occurrence of grease fires due to a buildup of fat. The grates should also be easy to remove, as soaking them can help to remove burnt on food, which can affect the flavor of any food that is cooked.

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